Volunteer  -  Deliver Meals

Delivery volunteers are the heart of Five Cities Meals on Wheels!   Our volunteers deliver hot meals five days per week.  Our volunteer drivers arrive to work at 8:50 AM.  Deliveries are usually done by 11:30 A.M.  What really makes the meals so special for our clients are the volunteers who bring not just a meal, but friendly conversation, a hug, and a smile.

You may volunteer one day a week, or as your schedule permits.  

Short notice drivers are always needed to fill in when a driver is sick.  Short notice drivers may be contacted the night before or the morning of deliveries.

Our volunteer drivers sometimes need time off for short or long term periods.  Fill in  drivers are usually contacted 48 hours in advance.   You can learn just one delivery route or all four routes.  Training with an experienced driver will be provided before a new driver is  given a route.

Delivery volunteers require a valid drivers license and a car with proof of insurance.

Volunteer - Kitchen Support

Dishwasher volunteer needed to work for two hours on one, two or three days per week on 

Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

We have an immediate need for someone to help put away heavy boxes for one hour on the third Tuesday of the month from 9:30 A.M. - 10:30 A.M.

Volunteer - Office Support

Volunteers are needed from time to time during office hours  to help with mailings and other projects.  In addition,  we are always looking for volunteers to help with data entry and database administration.  

We have an immediate need for someone to send out thank you letters, and we have an immediate need for someone to help with data entry.

We have an immediate need for a graphic artist to volunteer for 2 - 3 hours per month to help

design promotional materials for fundraisers and mailers.

We have an immediate need for someone very familiar with Quick Books to set up our software

and enter our billing information.  We prefer someone who can donate 5 hours for the first week; thereafter, we estimate 2 hours per week.  A familiarity with Access software is a bonus, but not required.