We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.   Tax ID  95-2932124

Donations - Individual

We need your help to serve those clients who cannot afford to pay the full cost of their meals.  Your contribution will help Five Cities Meals on Wheels feed our homebound neighbors.   As a non-profit organization, Five Cities Meals on Wheels relies on the support and generosity of the community. 

Donations - Corporate

Corporate supporters are essential in our work to support our neighbors in need.  We appreciate the financial gifts and donation of goods and services that corporations provide in support of our work to feed those in need.

Make a Tribute Gift

Your contribution to Five Cities Meals on Wheels can be made in memory of a loved one, in honor of a birthday or speedy recovery.

  • In Loving Memory of Katherine Tavasti.  Kay was a generous and caring woman who was a member of the Meals on Wheels family for many, many years.  She will be missed by everyone at Five Cities Meals on Wheels.      
  • In Loving Memory of Katherine Tavasti a wonderful woman.  Kay, you were a woman I looked up to and you were always there to help me when I needed guidance.  Contribution made by Julie Nunn.
  •       In Loving Memory of Mike Hallisey from Glenview Public Schools
  •       In Honor of Mike Hallisey from Carmela Vignocchi
  •       In Loving Memory of Estelle Bailey  from Cathy Ross
  •       In Loving Memory of Carole Martin from Five Cities Meals on Wheels.
  •       Thank You to Forrest Frost, Carolyn Russell, and Stacy Korsgaden for contributions made in           memory of Carole Martin
  •       In Honor of Forrest Frost's 98th birthday, Kate and Dick Riggins and John and Sandra Balster